"If you got no groovin' feet
then you'll need helping hands"

Cloud Nine/PET



Describing PET is much like describing its namesake, the iconoclastic Commodore PET computer of the 80’s: bold, fresh, and futuristic. Amidst it’s mixture of Moogs, punk guitars, funky bass lines and computer generated sounds, one might find hints of Glam Rock, Punk and C64 Computer games. Yet PET’s music is more than just the sum of its parts: their special brand of eclectic pop and space rock is unique, intelligent and accessible.

“For me, a pop song is an exciting and frenetic three minute art piece” says Andre Abshagen, the bands founder and unequivocal leader “I wanted to mix state of the art electronic sounds with elements from the music I heard when I was a kid. When I got my first Minimoog, I was thrilled by its sound! I started collecting Instruments from the 70’s and 80’s, and mixed them into my compositions. The combination of those with the guitars became the basis of PET’s sound.”


PET / Andre Abshagen by Sebastian Mayer, Photosession for the debut Player One Ready



PET certainly had their share of excitement with their first two releases on the London based label Gronland Records, Player One Ready, which debuted in 2004, and the subsequent Rewind The Sofa Lady of 2006: their first single 'No Yes No' made it onto the A-playlists of BBC Radio 6 and XFM, and was featured on Germany’s Radio 1 and EinsLive. No less than the legendary John Peel played 'No Yes No' as the opening song for his ever popular BBC show, and Radio DJ’s John Kennedy, Eddy Temple Morris (XFM/London), Zane Lowe, and Steve Lamacq (BBC Radio 1) were taken with the song’s driving hard pop sound, which led to Radio Sessions at XFM and an invitation to the infamous XFM Xposure Night in London’s trendy Camden Barfly. PET had similar feedback with the EP release of 'Superpet', which was lauded in the international club scene by DJ’s such as Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe, as well as German DJ Ian Pooley, who claimed it as his favourite track of the year. 'No Yes No' rose up to number 11 on the BBC’s Alternative Charts and soared up to third on the German Club Charts.

PET had success on screen as well: the popular U.S. TV series O.C. California, known for its discerning musical selection, jumped on the bandwagon by including 'No Yes No' on its soundtrack. The song’s video, directed by Stuart Gosling, was nominated for Best Pop Video alongside Videos by Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue, Pink, and Robbie Williams at Great Britain’s esteemed Music Vision Awards, an annual event highly regarded by the British Music Video Industry.




PET by Nela Koenig (with Dodo NKishi, Monika Martin, Stefania Vacca, Andre Abshagen)



Rewind the Sofa Lady’s international release in Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada, again found its appeal amongst DJ’s and musicians, as several remixes of the track 'Cloud Nine' appeared in the club circuit, and British singer-songwriter Fink covered the track under the name 'Get Your Share' on his album Distance And Time. Producer Gareth Parton, already known for his influence on the sound of The Go!Team, collaborated with PET on Rewind the Sofa Lady, and his signature production sound is nowhere more prevalent than on the tracks 'Why' and 'All The Same'. The video for its first single 'Whip My Blue Chip' was shot by award winning German director Michael Dreher.


Though PET was originally conceived of as a studio project by the Berlin based musician and producer Andre Abshagen and his partner Monika Martin, its current 6-piece constellation – Andre Abshagen, Monika Martin, Dodo NKishi, Stefania Vacca, Julie Miess and Eric Voss– has indulged its ever growing international fan base with live shows throughout Europe: whether it be London venues, German clubs, shows in Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland, or big Festivals such as Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, PET has proven its talents as a live act as well as a studio band.

PET's third album Imitation Of Life continues the band's tireless quest in exploring the landscape of sophisticated popular music. The resulting textures and varied sonic motifs, from night-time club tracks to Drive time anthems and indie rock influences, along with novel lyrical touches provide further evidence that PET's journey is well on it's way, and anything but ordinary.

PET 2013 by Olof Pock with Monika Martin, Andre Abshagen, Dodo NKishi, Stefania Vacca, Julie Miess & Eric Voss